Who we are?

Alondra Anderson aka Linda was born and raised in New York, the city of dreams. Linda is a full time psychology student, a full time worker and most of all the CEO of an upcoming brand called LaLian Cosmetics. LaLian Cosmetics is a cosmetics brand made for all types of people. Our products include glosses, lipsticks, lashes, liners, and more. As a black owned business we are proud to be vegan, cruelty free and eco friendly.

  Linda always had a passion for makeup and helping others. Through our “ What's your story?” campaign she gives people the opportunity to express themselves and their story without the feeling of being judged. So that's where the saying “Made for Royalty” comes into play. She started with a desire to empower others and just allowing people to express themselves through the art of makeup. Linda designed a brand that represents who she is. A brand that represents how she sees herself and how she wants others to feel as well. No matter what the world thinks of you, express your art , YOU are royalty. You are confident, beautiful, powerful and deserve to be treated as the royal you are.