Royalty Rewards

 Welcome Royalties! LaLianCosmetics has a gift for you! Sign up for our Royalty Rewards to receive special offers from us. By signing up for our Royalty Rewards you are able to earn points and use them to receive offers from free shipping to a free product.
There are many ways to earn points through our Royalty Rewards:
  • Follow on Instagram
    25 Points
  • Signup
    50 Points
  • Celebrate a birthday 
    200 Points
  • Place an order
    3 Points for every $1 spent

    How to use your  Royalty Points:
    • Free shipping discount
      Free shipping discount
      500 Points
    • 10% off coupon
      10% off coupon
      750 Points
    • 25% off coupon
      25% off coupon
      1500 points
    • 99% off coupon
      99% off coupon
      3000 Points
    • Order discount
      Order discount
      100 Points = $3
      Sign up to become a Royalty Referral. Every time you refer a friend to use your code you and the friend will receive $3 off your next order.
      You could also find us on Facebook. Royalties like you receive a special page to share your thoughts and help empower people just like you.