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Who we are?

LaLian Cosmetics is a vegan cosmetics brand made for royalty. Our products include glosses, lipsticks, lashes, liners, and more. As a black owned business we are proud to be vegan, cruelty free and eco friendly.

  LaLian cosmetics believes in confidence, empowering and being your own boss. With our ultra matte we remind those to love the person in the mirror. The founder of LaLian Cosmetics always had a passion for makeup and helping others she started the brand in hopes of spreading empowerment to those who have an eye for beauty in connection with mental health. Being a psych graduate our CEO wanted to give our Royalties a chance to share their story along with their growth and opinions of the world.  With this she started the “What's your story?” campaign and a donation program to the Mental Health Foundation. Through our “ What's your story?” campaign she gives people the opportunity to express themselves and their story without the feeling of being judged. Our Founder designed a brand that represents who she is. A brand that represents how she sees herself and how she wants others to feel as well. No matter what the world thinks of you, express your art , YOU are royalty. You are confident, beautiful, powerful and deserve to be treated as the royal you are. 

Certain Percentage of sales is donated to the Mental Health Foundation.