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In 2017 I remember this was the year my mom had found out she had a tumor in her throat. My 12 year old brother had passed away from an asthma attack & my husband and I had officially separated while I was pregnant with our 3rd child. Yet, through all the sudden changes in my life, I had to find a way to somehow still maintain my education . I had to still find a way to provide and care for the two children I already had. I had to find a way to bury my brother. I had to adjust to officially being a single mother with three children. I had to stay by mothers side while she had her surgery and take care of her. 
Lord knows I’ve been faced with trials and tribulations time and time again, but no matter how tough life would get I couldn’t give up! God WOULD NOT allow me to! 
Every time I felt overwhelmed and hurt he’d bless me with sudden PEACE and STRENGTH! 
I’m not stopping till I have Dr. in front of my name ! I’m not stopping till my EMPIRE is built ! I’m not stopping till everyone I love and care for is financially set !
I love my life & my family and I’m thankful for all that God has got me through and blessed me with. 
Each and everyday, I grow more and more powerful. I’m so spiritually connected to this universe and to God. I’m telling you, you don’t know just how POWERFUL God created me to be and I won’t let that power go to waste. I refuse to allow that ! - Sandra H

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