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Hi my name is Angelica Since I opened up my blog I really wanted to focus on building a community where all woman can get together and feel supported. Growing up I was never that “cool” or “popular” girl with a lot of friends. I knew people but at the end of the day they were the wrong people to be around with that never cared for me. Girls never liked me and I really struggled with that growing up. Till this day as a grown 24 year old woman I still feel I struggle with that problem. I never knew why, I always tried to be my best around others and help out whoever. So becoming a start up blogger I wanted my blog to be just about that. A girls club who want better futures, financial freedom, and support from a great community. I was once that lonely girl who felt so different and I want those people to be drawn to my blog so they know they aren’t alone. They can relate and can be apart of a positive experience they can always come back too when they need it the most. That’s why I created TheHeavenlyBeauty.com. I honestly love it, I been wanting to do this for years. But I was still in school at the time, and once I graduated I knew I wanted to have my own blog eventually, but I need something to fall back on since I had just graduated high school. I didn’t know what my path was, just like any other graduate. For sure I knew I didn’t want to go college. I was a smart student but a very lazy one. I knew for sure college wasn’t for me. My father wanted me to go to college, but I told my mother I wasn’t interested in college. My mother was always very supportive of me and said it wasn’t a problem. College Isn’t for everyone and you can still be successful without it. But I had to get a job or be on my own. Which I was 100 percent not ready for. So I decided to go to cosmetology school. Did that and worked in the hair industry. I honestly hated it, I did it because it was the only job I could get. Till one day I had enough and quit. I was so scared, but I had to take a risk. I revamped my blog and actually started to take it seriously. I’m so glad I did, it changed my mental health and boosted my confidence. I knew in my heart whatever I put my mind too I was able to achieve as long as I believe in my self. I continue to do just that with theheavenlybeauty. It’s my passion and I want others to find their passion and to follow it as well. I hope people find this Inspiring and visit my blog. We have many plans and content coming soon. We talk about outer beauty but most importantly inner beauty. I believe each and every woman is beautiful in their own way.

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